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PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter

The PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter provides the clinician a PowerGlide™ Midline Catheter with the familiarity of the simplified Seldinger placement. Whether you are placing PowerGlide Pro™ Midline Catheter or PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter, you can maintain catheter consistency for performance, care and maintenance, and easy identification.


Options. We’ve got them.

Bard’s goal is to provide you with exceptional vascular products. We leave it up to you, the skilled clinician, to choose the best device for your patients. We provide the options, you provide the expertise. With our PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter configurations, you have excellent midline options for your vascular access needs.

Product Features

Seldinger technique

Pre-loaded dilator inside the catheter with over the wire placement

Reinforced Tip Catheter

Designed to improve and maintain a consistent aspiration flow rate without catheter collapse.1

Unique hub design

Allows for easy identification, helping to eliminate catheter confusion

Power injectable

The catheter allows for the injection of contrast media for CT scans at maximum flow rates:

  • 18G: 7 mL/sec
  • 20G: 5 mL/sec
  • 22G: 2 mL/sec

1Compared to the similar non-reinforced tip catheters. All data on file at Bard. Bench test results may not be predictive of actual clinical performance.


The PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter is currently available in:

  • 18, 20, and 22 gauge sizes
  • 8 cm (3.1") or 10 cm (3.9") lengths
  • basic, full, and maximal barrier configurations

Note: The 22 gauge is only available in 8 cm length.

PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter with Reinforced Tip


Flow Rate
Length Packaging Quantity Code
7 mL/sec 8 cm Basic Tray 10/case ST018080
Full Tray 10/case ST118081
Full Tray 10/case ST218081
Max Barrier Tray 5/case ST018081D
10 cm Basic Tray 10/case ST018100
Full Tray 10/case ST118101
Full Tray 10/case ST218101
Max Barrier Tray 5/case ST018101D


Flow Rate
Length Packaging Quantity Code
5 mL/sec 8 cm Basic Tray 10/case ST020080
Full Tray 10/case ST120081
Full Tray 10/case ST220081
Max Barrier Tray 5/case ST020081D
10 cm Basic Tray 10/case ST020100
Full Tray 10/case ST120101
Full Tray 10/case ST220101
Max Barrier Tray 5/case ST020101D


Flow Rate
Length Packaging Quantity Code
2 mL/sec 8 cm Basic Tray 10/case ST022080
Full Tray 10/case ST122081
Full Tray 10/case ST222081
Max Barrier Tray 5/case ST022081D

Kit Components

PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter

Description Basic Tray Full Tray Max Barrier
PowerGlide ST™ Midline Catheter & Dilator
Safecan™ Introducer Needle, 21G
Flexura® Guidewire, 0.46mm OD x 50cm*
StatLock® IV Ultra Stabilization Device
Adhesive Foam Strips
Skin Prep Pad
ID Sticker
Alcohol Wipes
Absorbent Drape, 24 X 24
Fenestrated Drape, 36 X 24
Absorbent Towel
ChloraPrep™ Applicator, 3mL
Bordered Dressing
Surgical Tape
Gauze, 2”x 2”
Gauze, 4”x 4”
GuardIVa® Dressing, 1” with 4 mm hole**
Sterile Saline, 10mL
Extension Set
Bedside sign with length indicator
Patient Guide
Bouffant Cap
Syringe, 6 mL
ChloraPrep™ Applicator (Tinted), 3mL
Fenestrated Drape, Full-Body
Hypodermic Needle, Safety 25G
Lidocaine, 5 mL ampule
Aspiration Device

*Not included with the 22G device. The 22G device includes a stainless steel guidewire, 0.46mm OD x 45cm
**Not included in ST2xxxx1 codes


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.