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PowerMidline™ Catheter

Offering you the familiarity of a traditional MST placement, with the added benefit of power injection, the PowerMidline™ Catheter provides reliable, short-term access to the peripheral venous system.


Options. We've got them.

Bard's goal is to provide you with exceptional vascular products. We leave it up to you, the skilled clinician, to choose the best device for your patients. We provide the options, you provide the expertise.

With our PowerMidline™ Catheter configurations, you have excellent MST midline options for your vascular access needs.

Power injectable
The catheter allows for injection of contrast media for CT scans at maximum flow rates:

Single Lumen

  • 3 Fr: 3mL/sec
  • 4 Fr: 7mL/sec

Dual Lumen

  • 4 Fr: 4mL/sec*
  • 5 Fr: 7mL/sec

* 19g lumen only

High-quality kit components
Available in Full and Max Barrier nursing configurations with Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) components

Distally trimmable
A distally trimmable catheter allows for customization to each patient’s anatomy

Compatible with StatLock® Stabilization Devices

Clear identification
Unique hub design and catheter labeling further identify the catheter as a midline. This helps eliminate catheter confusion and promotes patient safety

Softening Polyurethane
A polyurethane catheter softens at body temperature to help minimize vessel wall trauma

Kink resistance
The reverse taper is designed to gently plug the insertion site and provides excellent kink resistance

No placement x-ray
No x-ray is required following the placement procedure


Nursing Trays


Lumen Packaging Quantity Product Code
Single Max Barrier Tray 3 / Case P4153108D
Full Tray 5 / Case P4153108


Lumen Packaging Quantity Product Code
Single Max Barrier Tray 3 / Case P4154108D
Full Tray 5 / Case P4154108
Dual Max Barrier Tray 3 / Case P4254108D
Full Tray 5 / Case P4254108
Max Barrier Tray with
GuardIVa® Dressing
3 / Case P4254108DG
Full Tray with
GuardIVa® Dressing
5 / Case P4254108G


Lumen Packaging Quantity Product Code
Dual Max Barrier Tray 3 / Case P4255108D
Full Tray 5 / Case P4255108
Max Barrier Tray with
GuardIVa® Dressing
3 / Case P4255108DG
Full Tray with
GuardIVa® Dressing
5 / Case P4255108G

Catheter Performance

Catheter Type Average
Max Achievable
Pump Flow Rate1
Flow Rate2
Lumen Size Power
Flow Rate
3 F Single Lumen 0.31 Saline (1.0 cP) >999 729 20 Ga 3
4 F Single Lumen 0.37 Saline (1.0 cP) >999
Blood (3.5 cP) =959
2116 18 Ga 7
4 F Dual Lumen 0.30, 0.38 Saline (1.0 cP) > 999
Blood (3.5 cP) = 904*
*19g lumen only
220, 1523 21G, 19G 4
5 F Dual Lumen 0.37 Saline (1.0 cP) > 999
Blood (3.5 cP) = 887
1439 18G, 18G 7

1 Estimates based on a pump alarm setting of 500 mmHg and a full length 20 cm catheter.
2 Testing performed using water.

Tray Components

The PowerMidline™ Catheter Max Barrier and Full trays contain many of the same high-quality components as Bard® Poly Midline catheter and PowerPICC® catheter trays, including Flexura® guidewires, MicroEZ® microintroducers, and StatLock® Stabilization Devices.

The PowerMidline™ Catheter is also compatible with Bard dressing change kits.

Kit Logos

Item Description Max Barrier Tray Full Tray
PowerMidline™ Catheter
MicroEZ® microintroducer
Flexura® guidewire
Safety scalpel
Introducer needle with PIV, 20 Ga.
Hypodermic needle, 25 Ga.
Filter straw
Tape strips
Transparent dressing
Fenestrated drape
Fenestrated drape, full body
Bouffant cap
Surgical gown
Towel, absorbent
Drape, absorbent
Face mask
Surgical tape
Measuring tape
End cap
Surgical gloves
ChloraPrep™ applicator, 3 mL
ChloraPrep™ applicator, 3 mL (tinted)
Alcohol wipe
Gauze pad, 4 in. x 4 in.
Gauze pad, 2 in. x 2 in.
StatLock® Stabilization Device


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.