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Poly RadPICC® Catheters
  • Polyurethane body
  • Kink-resistant reverse taper hub
  • Highly radiopaque catheter
  • Longer extension legs
  • Guidewire options
  • Gold tungsten tip guidewires
  • Two placement options
  • RadSTIC Microintroducer

Available sizes:3, 4 & 5 Fr. Single-Lumen, 4, 5 & 6 Fr. Dual-Lumen and 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen


Poly RadPICC® catheters

A Polyurethane PICC Designed Specifically for the Interventional Radiologist.

Poly RadPICC® catheters combine the strength and versatility of polyurethane with high flow rates and small French sizes. A kink-resistant hub enhances catheter strength and increases patient comfort. Poly RadPICC® catheters also feature excellent radiopacity.

  • Polyurethane body
    Provides strength, versatility and high flow rates in a small French size catheter
  • Highly radiopaque catheter
    Blend of barium and polyurethane provides high radiopacity while maintaining catheter strength
  • Reverse taper hub
    Gently plugs the insertion site and provides excellent kink resistance
  • Longer extension legs
    Promote easy application of occlusive dressing
  • High durometer extension legs
    Offer improved durability and greater resistance to alcohol
  • Marked guidewire
    Easy to read depth markings allow PICC to be trimmed to appropriate length
  • Two placement options
    70 cm and 135 cm guidewire lengths support modified Seldinger technique (MST) and over-the-wire placement procedures
  • Offers RadSTIC® Microintroducer
    10 cm PTFE microintroducer offers excellent peelability and a smoother transition from dilator to sheath
  • Kink-resistant hub
    Enhances catheter strength
  • Guidewire options
    Nitinol and standard stainless steel are offered with a highly radiopaque gold tungsten tip
  • Gold tungsten tip guidewires
    Features highly radiopaque tip with an optimized transition and excellent kink resistance
no kink catheter

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.


Lumens Lumen
Gauge Size
Average Gravity
Flow Rate
Priming Volumes Lumen Size I.D.
3 Fr Single 20 Ga. 183 ml/hr 0.42 ml 0.024 in.
4 Fr Single 18 Ga. 798 ml/hr 0.62 ml 0.034 in.
5 Fr Single 17 Ga. 1,448 ml/hr 0.75 ml 0.042 in.
4 Fr Dual 21 Ga./19 Ga. 112/275 ml/hr 0.38/0.48 ml 0.024/0.032 in.
5 Fr Dual 18 Ga./18 Ga. 515/515 ml/hr 0.55/0.55 ml 0.034/0.034 in.
6 Fr Dual 18 Ga./18 Ga. 762/762 ml/hr 0.69/0.69 ml 0.037/0.037 in.
6 Fr Triple 20 Ga./20 Ga./
17 Ga.
184/184/950 ml/hr 0.43/0.43/0.73 ml .023/.022/.022 in.


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.