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The Power of Purple&reg
PowerPICC® SV Catheter
  • Maximum Injection Rates
  • Easy Identification
  • Easy-to-Read I.D. Tags
  • Multiple tray configurations
  • Safety Components
  • StatLock® Stabilization
    Device Compatible
  • Reverse Taper Design
  • CVP Monitoring
  • Patient Comfort

Available sizes:3 Fr. Single-Lumen & 4 Fr. Dual-Lumen

PowerPICC® Small Vein



Bard Access Systems brings you the only full line (3 Fr SL and 4 Fr DL) of smaller sized power injectable catheters to meet the needs of Small Vein patients.

The PowerPICC®SV catheter line offers clinicians greater flexibility in selecting the appropriate size of catheter for the patient per the INS recommendation to "Use the smallest catheter in the largest possible vessel," while still providing power injection functionality.

The new PowerPICC® SV catheters, combined with the 5FR Triple Lumen PowerPICC® catheter, provide you the most comprehensive offering of power injectable PICCs focused on the needs of patients with Small Veins.

PowerPICC® Small Vein

Experience the efficiency of power injection for CECT scans and PICC therapy with PowerPICC® SV catheters. PowerPICC® SV catheters combine the efficacy of PICC access and power injection into one catheter.

PowerPICC® Small Vein Catheter

Maximum Injection Rates
PowerPICC® SV catheters allow injection of contrast media for CECT scans at a maximum rate of 1 mL/sec (3 Fr SL) and 2.5mL/sec (4 Fr DL)

Smaller Catheter Size
Helps clinicians comply with the INS recommendations to use the smallest catheter in the largest possible vessel and that less than 50% of the vein should be taken up by the catheter1

Body - Softening Polyurethane
Helps to minimize trauma to vessel walls

Single and Dual Lumen Catheters
Available in 3 French single-lumen, 4 French dual-lumen

Patient Comfort
Helps to improve patient comfort due to decreased needle sticks

Reverse Taper Design
Gently plugs the insertion site

StatLock® Stabilization Device Compatible
Industry-leading safety securement for extended-dwell catheters

PowerPICC Small Vein StatLock

Multiple tray configurations
Available in Maximal Barrier, full and basic tray configurations

CVP Monitoring
All PowerPICC® catheters are indicated for CVP monitoring

Safety Components
All nursing PowerPICC® catheter trays include safety components that enhance clinician and patient safety

Easy Identification
Unique purple polyurethane material indicates that the PowerPICC® catheter is a Bard power injectable catheter

Easy-to-Read I.D. Tags
Indicate maximum injection rates and prompts users to check catheter patency

PowerPICC®SV StatLock

1Infusion Nursing: An Evidence-Based Approach, p. 168, Ed. 3., by Infusion Nurses Society, Mary Alexander, Lisa Gorski, Ann Corrigan, Judy Hankins

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.


PowerPICC® SV IR Power Injection PICCs

Lumens Catheter
Tray Lumen
Gauge Size
Flow Rate
Flow Rate
Single 3 Fr IR - 135 cm Nitinol 20 329 0.37 1
Single 3 Fr IR - 70 cm Nitinol 20 329 0.37 1
Dual 4 Fr IR - 135 cm Nitinol 19 / 21 472 / 118 0.5 / 0.38 2.5
Dual 4 Fr IR - 70 cm Nitinol 19 / 21 472 / 118 0.5 / 0.38 2.5

3 Fr single lumen length is 45 cm.
4 Fr dual lumen length is 55 cm.

PowerPICC® SV Catheters - Interventional Radiology Trays

Product Code Description
3173335 3 Fr. Single-Lumen IR - 135 cm Nitinol
3173355 3 Fr. Single-Lumen IR - 70 cm Nitinol
3274335 4 Fr. Dual-Lumen IR - 135 cm Nitinol
3274355 4 Fr. Dual-Lumen IR - 70 cm Nitinol

Kit Components

Description IR Tray
Guidewire, Nitinol, 0.018" diameter
Introducer needle, 21 Ga.
End cap (one per lumen)
StatLock® catheter stabilization device
Measuring tape


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.