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Port Access Kit with GuardIVa® Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing
  • Designed to standardize port access procedures
  • Provides the convenience of necessary kit components in a common package
  • Kit components are organized to facilitate sterile “best practices” for port access related procedures
  • Assists clinicians in complying with guidelines for sterile port access outlined by nursing societies and the CDC
  • Procedural Checklist included in every kit:
  • Educate and assist in sterile port access technique
  • Convenient documentation and tracking of port access procedure
  • Procedural checklist for simplified protocol documentation
  • The GuardIVa® dressing significantly lowered re-growth of skin microflora at day 7 and day 10 compared to the control1
  • 1 As demonstrated through in vivo testing. Data on file.


Port Access Related Implications

Port Access Checklist

For the patient:

  • Port removal
  • Chemotherapy/treatment interruption
  • Hospital in-patient stay
  • Secondary complications from infection
  • Placement of a 2nd device that may not offer the benefits of a port

For the facility:

  • Port removal
  • Potential hospital stay
  • Additional procedures and devices
  • Less or lack of reimbursement due to recent CMS changes regarding central line infections

Now Offering Port Access Kits with GuardIVa Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing

Proper Port-Access Technique Matters

Nearly 80% of Oncology Nurses surveyed by Bard cite poor sterile technique, site prep or access procedures as the likely cause for port access related infections.

Help clinicians to meet the following:

CDC Logo, Center For Disease Control Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines
Infusion Nursing Society (INS) Standards of Practice Infusion Nursing Society
(INS) Standards of Practice
Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Guidelines Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Guidelines
OSHA, Occupational Safety & Health Administration logoOccupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Guidelines
The Joint Commission (JCAHO) National Patient Safety GoalsThe Joint Commission (JCAHO) National Patient Safety Goals

Available in four safety infusion set configurations:

MiniLoc Safety Infusion Set
SafeStep Huber Needle Set
PowerLoc® Safety Infusion Set
PowerLoc® Max Safety Infusion Set

Bard® Port Access Kit available in the Bard® MiniLoc®, SafeStep®, PowerLoc® MAX, and PowerLoc® safety infusion set configuration.

  1. Vescia, S. et al., Management of Venous Port Systems in Oncology: A review of current evidence, Annals of Oncology, Sept 2007, 19:9-15.
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    vol. 5 no. 3

Survey results on file at C. R. Bard, Inc.

Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use.


PowerLoc® MAX PAK + GuardIVa® Gauge Inch With Y-Site
Product Code
Without Y-Site
Product Code
19 1" 2131910G 2141910G
1.5" 2131915G 2141915G
20 1" 2132010G 2142010G
1.5" 2132015G 2142015G
22 1" 2132210G 2142210G
1.5" 2132215G 2142215G
PowerLoc® PAK + GuardIVa® Gauge Inch With Y-Site
Product Code
Without Y-Site
Product Code
19 1" 2671910G 2651910G
1.5" 2671915G 2651915G
20 1" 2672010G 2652010G
1.5" 2672015G 2652015G
22 1" 2672210G 2652210G
1.5" 2672215G 2652215G
MiniLoc® PAK + GuardIVa® Gauge Inch With Y-Site
Product Code
Without Y-Site
Product Code
19 .75" 2681934G 2631934G
1" 2681910G 2631910G
1.5" 2681915G 2631915G
20 .75" 2682034G 2632034G
1" 2682010G 2632010G
1.5" 2682015G 2632015G
22 .75" 2682234G 2632234G
1" 2682210G 2632210G
1.5" 2682215G 2632215G
SafeStep® PAK + GuardIVa® Gauge Inch With Y-Site
Product Code
Without Y-Site
Product Code
19 .75" PA-0033YNG PA-0033G
1" PA-0034YNG PA-0034G
1.5" PA-0040YNG PA-0040G
20 .75" PA-0031YNG PA-0031G
1" PA-0032YNG PA-0032G
1.5" PA-0038YNG PA-0038G
22 .75" PA-0029YNG PA-0029G
1" PA-0030YNG PA-0030G
1.5" PA-0036YNG PA-0036G

Kit Components

Description Kit
Your Preferred Bard® Huber Needle 1
Syringe, Sodium Chloride (Saline) 0.9%, 10mL 1
Chloraprep™ One-Step Applicator 1
Dressing, Transparent 1
Gauze Pad, 2 in. x 2 in. 4
Gloves, Non-Latex, Sterile 2
Procedure Checklist 1
Mask 1
Prep Pad, Alcohol 1
Prep Pad, Skin Protectant 1
Tape Strips, Anchor (3 per) 1
Towel, Absorbent 1
Dressing Change Label 1
GuardIVa® Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing 1


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.