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Real-time Needle Visibility

Pinpoint™ GT needles can be detected by ultrasound systems equipped with Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology. The needles are designed to improve the ultrasound-guided needle insertion experience by providing visual feedback of needle trajectory and needle tip positioning in relation to the structure of interest.

Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology



In a benchtop study comparing the use of Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology with conventional ultrasound for needle guidance, clinicians:

  • Improved simulated needle placement accuracy by 51%*
  • Reduced simulated non-productive needle sticks by 71%*

*As demonstrated through in vitro testing. Data on file. Simulated testing may not be indicative of actual clincial outcomes.

Site~Rite® 8 Ultrasound System
Site~Rite® 8 Ultrasound System

Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology is designed to:

  • Visually align the needle pathway, prior to insertion.
  • Place needles out-of-plane, in-plane, or oblique to the target structure.
  • Confirm needle intersection of the ultrasound plane.

How does Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology Work?

Compatible ultrasound systems can detect a magnet in the hub of the needle. This allows the system to:

  • Detect the orientation of the needle.
  • Display the needle position and trajectory on the ultrasound screen for both in-plane and out-of-plane use.

Pinpoint™ GT needles have different indications for use depending on the specific procedure for which they are cleared/approved in a given country or region. For more information regarding the use of a specific Pinpoint™ GT needle, please refer to the appropriate instructions for use and product labels. Please also consult the instructions for use and product labels for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.

Product Codes

Pinpoint™ GT Needles

Image Guage Length Bevel Indications Product Code
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 18G 3 Inch Tuohy Nerve Block 9770640
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 21G 2.75 Inch 12° A Bevel Safety Introducer 9770624
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 18G 2.75 Inch 19° A Bevel Nerve Block 9770641
Introducer 9770649
Hypodermic 9770648
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 21G 3 Inch 30° Short (Quincke) Nerve Block 9770642
Hypodermic 9770643
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 22G 2 Inch 30° Short (Quincke) Nerve Block 9770644
Hypodermic 9770645
Pinpoint ™ GT Needle Technology 24G 1.5 Inch 30° Short (Quincke) Nerve Block 9770646
Hypodermic 9770647

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Please note that the information on this website is specific to the United States. If you have questions about Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology, or availability of needles outside the United States, please contact


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.