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Site-Rite Halcyon™ Ultrasound System

Visualize the size, depth, and location of vessels and surrounding anatomy as part of patient assessment and access.





  • Quickly apply image settings to the anatomy being assessed using application presets
  • Assess the size, depth, and location of vessels as well as the surrounding anatomy
  • Compare vessel to on-screen catheter icons to help assess the catheter-to-vein ratio
  • Distinguish veins from arteries with Color Flow or Pulse Wave Doppler

Halcyon Probes


  • Use ultrasound guidance to help reduce needle passes, needle redirects, and help increase first stick success rates
  • Compatible with Site~Rite® and Pinpoint™ GT needle guides*

*Customers interested in virtual needle guidance with Pinpoint™ GT Needle Guidance Technology should talk to their BAS sales representative about other ultrasound offerings.

Halcyon jugular
Halcyon full screen

Guides the needle to a designated depth under the ultrasound beam.

Halcyon jugular


Using Stand-alone Tip Confirmation Systems (TCS)

Eliminate chest X-ray confirmation of catheter tip location for a range of devices and patients by configuring your system with the stand-alone SHERLOCK 3CG™ Diamond TCS or the stand alone NAUTILUS DELTA™ TCS.

Halcyon jugular


  • ECG tip confirmation for adults with a present, identifiable, and consistent P-wave
  • Passive magnet tracking
  • Available for PICC placements
Halcyon modus concept


  • ECG tip confirmation for patients with a present, identifiable, and consistent P-wave when placing CVADs of at least 3 Fr in size. Available for:
    • PICC, CVC, implantable port, and hemodialysis placements in adults and adolescents greater than 12 to 21 years of age
    • PICC and CICC placements in children greater than 2 to 12 years of age
    • CICC placements in infants greater than 1 month to 2 years of age and neonates from birth to 1 month of age
Halcyon MaxP

Product Codes

Product Code Description
950041600 Site~Rite® Halcyon™ Ultrasound System
Includes console, power supply, power cord, VESA mounting plate, handle/kickstand, user manual, 3M cleaning cloth
960041600 Site~Rite® Halcyon™ Linear Probe with buttons (5-11MHz)
960041300 Site~Rite® Halcyon™ Convex Probe (2.2-5.0MHz/R60mm)
960041400 Site~Rite® Halcyon™ Phased Array Probe (2.5-4.0MHz/30mm)
915042300 Site~Rite® Halcyon™ Handle / Kickstand
9770116 MER Roll Stand
9770119 MER Stand Mounting Arm (For use with Sherlock 3CG™ TCS & Nautilus Delta™ TCS)
UP-X898MD SONY™ Printer


Please refer below to the Instructions for Use (IFUs) for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, and cautions.