Bard Access App for iOS Mobile Devices

Bard Access App for iOS Mobile Devices

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The Bard Access iOS app provides healthcare professionals with portable, on demand access to a wide selection of medical device information, safety information and reference material offered by Bard Access Systems, Inc.

With the Bard Access iOS app you can:

  • Keep up-to-date with new product releases.
  • Browse BAS's extensive list of medical devices organized by product line.
  • Quickly view product features, product specs, or product literature like brochures and IFUs.
  • Instantly access web links to all BAS products.
  • Search our product catalog by product ID or keywords.
  • Watch or download instructional videos.
  • Share any product information, document, or video easily from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
Available in the App Store

clinical videos

The Clinical Video Gallery is designed to give you easy and immediate access to all the informational and instructional videos from the BAS website right on your iphone or ipod touch. All videos can be shared or saved to your camera roll.

Share and Distribute

All content and information within the Bard Access iOS app can easily be shared or distributed right from your iphone or ipod touch. Download and save clinical information videos directly to your photos folder for offline viewing. Attach product IFU or brochure PDFs into emails for quick distribution or embed product web links into emails and send in SMS messages.

Settings and Cache Control

Built into the Bard Access app settings menu is the option to cache viewed PDFs or Videos directly to your phone for easy viewing when no network or internet connection is available. From the home screen click on "Settings" followed by "Bard Access".

Information is frequently revised and updated, so information saved to your cache will become outdated. Check for updates frequently.

User Friendly Viewing

View all of our content and information at your fingertips, literally. Navigating through our app has never been easier, because you use the most natural pointing device there is: your finger.

Using the Bard Access app on your iPad is the best way to experience our content and information. View content in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen at a size that is actual readable. When you rotate iPad to landscape, the page you're viewing rotates and the navigational side bar shows up for easy navigation. Download and try it out today.